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Just a Goblin

Brandon Chen , Jksmanga & Inuupen ...

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Brandon Chen

Brandon A professional author of manga, webtoons, novels, & video games that also makes silly videos on the internet. I am hoping to get an anime adaptation of one of my stories before I turn 30. Follow me to stay updated on my journey!

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Jksmanga & Inuupen

Jksmanga: Top Webnovel Author trying to reach the top of Webtoon! Inuupen: I draw "Just a Goblin!" My current goal in life is to become someone at the forefront of the battle genre on webtoon! Thank you for the opportunity!

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I'm a shonen mangaka and the artist for "Just a Goblin," among other works! I like JRPGS and tortas! Thanks for taking the time to read our story!

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