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Nano Machine

Great H , GGBG ...

Adapted by

Great H

I'm an owner (butler) of three cats who likes Marvel series and Star Wars. You would think it gets easier but adaptation and storyboarding process of each episode always feels like a new challenge. I believe I can keep going thanks to readers who enjoy the series. Thank you.

Art by


Hello, this is GGBG, who unexpectedly became a webcomics creator. It was a challenge drawing webcomics and working on a Wuxia series for the first time, but that motivated us to study and work harder. We hope the readers abroad can enjoy our series. We look forward to your support.

Original work by


Hello. I am HANJUNG WOLYA, a webnovel writer. As the original creator, I consider it an honor to share the webcomic version of "Nano Machine" to readers in the US. I hope this story brings you immense happiness in your life. Wish all the best for our readers.

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