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Vixen: NYC

Jasmine Walls , Manou Azumi ...

Written by

Jasmine Walls

Jasmine Walls is a California-based writer, editor, and artist. She's worked on several graphic novels along with writing Vixen: NYC, and can otherwise be found drinking hot chocolate or befriending all the neighborhood dogs.

Art by

Manou Azumi

Manou Azumi is a first generation Haitian-American who has been both a freelance, commission based artist, and an independent comic artist. Their passions include character designing, storyboarding and cottage-core fashion. They currently live in Las Vegas, and they look forward to getting a kitten.

Assisted by

Omar Vallejos

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Hailey June

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Toby Fan

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Micah Myers

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Coffee maniac who does webcomics.

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